Chevychase is resting.
Jesper Robinell and Jojo Brännström are not.
We work separately nowadays but if you own a large shipping company, a major fashion brand, a country, an oil company, or in another way just have loads of money to spend and want to work with us on a new Brand Identity or similar - we are open for discussion.
Contact us for inquiries or if you want to order our selected work (2005-2011) -

Contact details:

Jesper Robinell
Design Director (currently at Söderhavet)
+46 (0)70 438 17 92
Mail -
Linkedin -
Twitter - @robinell

Jojo Brännström
Head of Digital Design (currently at DDB)
+46 (0)72 240 40 11
Mail -
Linkedin -
Twitter - @jojobrannstrom